Using no-win, no-fee solicitors

When you make a compensation claim, there's no need to spend lots of cash on solicitors' fees. By using no-win, no-fee solicitors you won't have to pay your solicitor's fees until you get your compensation payout.

What does no-win, no-fee mean?

No-win, no-fee means that whether you win or lose your case you should not have to pay any legal fees. This is because, in no-win, no-fee claims, the solicitors will recover most of their legal fees from the person responsible for your injuries.

Why use no-win, no-fee?

The great benefit of using no-win, no-fee solicitors is that it reduces the risk that you face in making a claim: if you don't win - you don't pay! It also helps if you don’t have the cash to pay solicitor’s fees at the time, but have a strong case.

This takes the stress out of no-win, no-fee injury claims.

What to ask your no-win, no-fee solicitor

Always check with your no-win, no-fee solicitor whether you will have to pay any of the following:

  • Any costs/disbursements – expert report costs; court fees; etc
  • Any insurance premium payment – this one-off payment, if required, will provide insurance coverage to cover your opponent's costs and your own expenses if you don’t win your case, so that you’re not out of pocket
  • Risk assessment fee – this covers the solicitor’s time to look at your case and decide whether you have a strong case
  • Success fee – no-win, no-fee solicitors will now charge a 'success fee' on top of their normal fees to reflect the risk involved in the case; this is the law since the Government changed the system in April 2013

Once your solicitor has explained this to you and you are happy, you can go ahead and sign a Conditional Fee Agreement - i.e. no-win, no-fee agreement - and the solicitor will get started on your case.

It couldn't be much easier! Contact us to start your no-win, no-fee claims today and get the compensation you are entitled to.

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