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Please read the following Forum Guidelines before participating in the Contact Accident Claims Forum (“Forum”) on For additional information, please refer to the Forum’s Frequently Asked Questions page and our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

General Conduct

Before beginning a discussion, please skim through the forums and topics to make sure that someone has not already started a conversation about your topic. Also, please make sure that you place your message in the correct topic.

Please respect the opinions of other users. We encourage you to discuss opinions as long as they stay respectful. The Forum was created to discuss a wide range of topics, and attempts to drive off a user because he or she has a differing opinion will not be tolerated.

We encourage you to post your opinion, but you are not permitted to insult, harass, or intimidate other users for expressing theirs. Profanity and name-calling are forbidden. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, general disparaging or hateful comments and also those comments that are based specifically on gender, age, appearance, race, sexual orientation, ethnic background, locality, education or religion.

You may not post any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation.

We encourage you to be as individual as you like in the way you express yourself, but messages that get your point across (and get the best responses) are those that use complete words and sentences and an attempt at good grammar and spelling.

Do not impersonate any person or entity, use an identity similar to another identity used in the Forum such that it may be misleading to other users, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.

Please do not post the same message more than once in the same thread or another thread. It is considered spamming and those who consistently do it will be banned from the Forum.

You are strictly prohibited from posting or transmitting any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, or profane material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law.

Contact Accident Claims does NOT assume responsibility or liability for any content posted by you or for any error, defamation, libel, slander, omission, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, profanity, danger, or inaccuracy contained in any information within such posts in the Forum.


If you see an offensive or abusive post (or one that violates the Forum Guidelines, our Terms of Service, or our Privacy Policy in any way), please report it the Forum Administrator. The Administrator will take appropriate action.

If you choose to reply to the offensive/abusive post on the Forum, please do so respectfully. Your post is subject to the same Forum as the original post, even if the original post violated those Guidelines.

The Forum Administrator will attempt to remove any post deemed to be malicious or mean-spirited, irrelevant, or in violation of our Forum Guidelines. If one of your posts is deleted, it is most likely because you have violated a Forum Guideline and the deletion is a warning. Users who establish a pattern of such posts will have their accounts closed. If your account is closed, you may write to our Administrator with an explanation and a request to be reinstated, and you may be reinstated provided that you agree to refrain from further violations.


Users of the Forum agree to comply with applicable copyright laws when posting content and images in the Forum. Contact Accident Claims assumes NO responsibility or liability for any content or images posted by you that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties. Users shall be solely liable for all third-party claims of copyright infringement.


Users are permitted to post links to external websites in the Forum, provided that they are relevant to the topic. Do not post links to competing websites or forums, download sites, or files (for download). Posting links in an attempt to recruit users to a competing website or forum is forbidden. Users who develop a pattern of posting unauthorized links will have their accounts closed. You may include links to your personal website or blog in your signature line.

Personal Information

Do not include personal information in the Forum that you would not want the public to know — such as your email address, your real name, where you live, and your phone number. Also, refrain from giving out your personal information to anyone you do not know. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, end the interaction and ignore them if they persist in trying to contact you. If you feel that another user is being pushy or putting you in an uncomfortable situation, please stop responding and report the conduct.

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