Contact Accident Claims Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Cycling accident

On my way to work I was cycling in the cycle lane of a busy road. Without warning a car turned left, crossing through the cycle lane, and I was knocked off my bike. It was daylight and visibility was fine - the driver simply didn't check to see if I was there.

I dislocated my finger and was told that I would have permanent loss of mobility. Unfortunately they were right. This has affected many areas of my life, including playing sport, and has considerably reduced my enjoyment of life.

I was told by a friend that I might be able to claim compensation. When browsing the internet I came across Contact Accident Claims, and they seemed a pretty professional outfit. Soon after submitting my details I was passed to a very professional solicitor who handled my case with the minimum of fuss. I was always kept informed and my solicitor arranged my doctor's appointments. They wrote reports on my injury, and I was able to get the compensation I was looking for. And as the other side paid the costs I received 100% of the payout.

I would fully recommend Contact Accident Claims. They were professional, courteous and got straight on the case. Above all they put me in touch with a solicitor who knew exactly what he was doing, and who looked after everything.

JV, Cotswolds

Case Study 2 - Dog attack

I was walking my dog on its lead down the street near my house. A neighbour was walking their dog without a lead. The dog came to attack my dog and also myself as I tried to break it off my dog.

My hands were seriously mauled. I spent two days in hospital and underwent an invasive operation on my hands. I kept my medical reports and photographs of the injuries. I knew the owner of the dog, as they lived in a property near me.

I thought it might not be worth using solicitors and I was worried about the cost. But the medical costs I had to pay were really expensive and I was outraged that my hands were permanently impaired. It meant considerable time off work and I was unable to do lots of things for myself that I needed people to help me with. I still don’t have proper functionality in my hands.

I looked on the internet to try to get some advice and found Contact Accident Claims. I decided to give them a call to see what they thought. The lady on the phone was really helpful and explained to me that I could use no-win, no-fee solicitors, so that really helped on the finances side of things. She put me in touch with a solicitor that same day, and after a brief chat on the phone I went in to see him. He took care of everything for me and I ended up getting £14,000 to cover the operation and the trauma I had suffered.

I’m so glad I decided to make a claim for compensation and that I used Contact Accident Claims. I would definitely recommend them to a friend. They made the whole process really easy.

KU, Birmingham

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