Accidents at home

There are a surprisingly large number of hazards in the home, and accidents at home happen frequently.

Many people think that because an accident happened in their own home, they can't sue someone for compensation. This is not necessarily the case - there are many circumstances when you can claim compensation for your injury.

Types of accidents in the home

Some examples of accidents in the home that you may be able to claim compensation for are injuries caused by:

  • Faulty products
  • Substandard workmanship
  • Poor property condition in rented or council-owned premises
  • Construction defects

For all different types of accidents at home, compensation can be claimed if it was due to someone else’s fault.

Who can you sue?

A no-win, no-fee solicitor can advise you whether there is someone you can sue for your injury. For example, if you trip on newly laid carpet, you may be able to sue the tradesman. If your boiler explodes, it may be due to the negligence of the gas company. Or, if you are injured due to faulty homewares, you may be able to sue the manufacturer.

Making a claim

We have a number of solicitors across the UK that we can put you in touch with. Find out more about no-win, no-fee solicitors and CFAs here.

It couldn't be easier really! Contact Accident Claims takes stress out of getting compensation for accidents at home. Claim the compensation you are due today.

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